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I'm a first time mom to Desmond. Happily married<3 03/17/12
Don't hesitate to message me, I like meeting new people. Some people wish for a fairytale ending, I'm wishing for a story. This is my personal tumblr and it will consist of my family, whatever strikes my eye, my thoughts and feelings & anything else that interests me.♥
None of the photos you see are by me unless titled so.

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Ellen Page and Drew Barrymore for Marie Claire, October 2009
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"Fed up with the false ideals around post-baby beauty, photographer and mother from Chicago, Ashlee Wells Jackson, launched a project designed to thrust the "real" post baby body into the spotlight.
The 4th Trimester Body Project is dedicated to embracing the beauty inherent in the changes brought to our bodies by motherhood, childbirth and breastfeeding..”
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So I dyed my hair today for the first time in forever (was trying to go back to blonde). I picked out a medium brown auburn color because I like a tint of red with the brown and….I HATE it :( my roots are bright freakin red.. I don’t think I can pull it off and I don’t want to dye my hair again so soon. Idk what to do :(

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♔♡ Rosiest in the land ♡♔

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Bohemian Décor


This iss lovelyyy
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storm over the serengeti. photos by nick nichols

That lion… my heart! &lt;3
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Since Valentine’s Day is coming up have some gifs of some of the greatest Disney kisses

The last one though